miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

What do you do on the weekend...!!!

On the weekend, I don t do anything special- I relax... on saturday morning, I sleep late. In the evening, I go out with my girlfriend... we go to the movies or go out for dinner. On sunday, I spend time with my family. we have a big male together in the afternoon...

¨¨My family¨¨

Maracaibo - Venezuela

The english class...!!!

Hello... wolrd!!! Welcome to my blog. In this blog im going to post mu english class homework. I am in the second level ofthe english from at U.R.B.E... :-)

My name is yeniree villasmil, Im 19 years old, Im from Maracaibo,Venezuela igo to accounting business school. My favorite sudject is accounting ¨2¨...
Well, i you like my work please leave a comment...

Thanks for love...!!! :-)